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FAQ JIG Program

1In which countries is the Program available?
Currently, the JIG Program is offered in the following countries: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the UK, Singapore, China, Chile and Russia; and right now, the Human Resources department is working on getting more countries on board of the Program.
2What are the main criteria to apply to the JIG Program?
You need a bachelor’s or master’s degree with above-average performance in a business related field, fluency in English and openness to international mobility.
3Do you require specific degrees to apply?
The Jungheinrich Graduate Program recruits candidates that have a bachelor or master level qualification, or comparable depending on the country they are in. Advanced university degrees may be also required for certain positions (e.g. a finance background to work in the finance department.)
4What languages skills are necessary to apply to the Program?
The main requirement is to be fluent in English. German is a great asset to have and any additional language is a plus.
5How do I apply?
Please refer to the Jungheinrich website of your respective country, and apply to the JIG Program available on the homepage.
6How many classes does the Program have in a year?
There are currently two kick-offs during the year, one in spring and one in autumn. You need to apply 3 to 5 months before the starting date of the class, if you wish to be considered for the program.
7How long is the JIG Program?
The JIG Program offers a 24-months talent program, which provides you with the opportunity to work abroad for some of your assignments. The length of the program may vary according to the individual path of the graduate.
8What is the selection process for this Graduate Program?
The selection process depends on the country where you are applying. In general, you will have competency-based interviews, assessments, group exercises and a language test. Please refer to the respective country homepage.
9Do you propose assignments abroad?
Yes, during your 2-years program you will have one to two assignments abroad. One of which will be a posting in Germany, either in the headquarters or in one of Jungheinrich’ sales offices or factories depending on your career path. In addition, the training elements will take place in Hamburg.
10Does the company sponsor work visas?
Yes, your local Human Resources department will take care of all administrative and legal paperwork that you require for your assignments abroad, including any visas that are required.
11Can I be placed in a country where I do not speak the language?
Although speaking the local language is an important factor when deciding your placements abroad, you can actually be posted anywhere in the world since you will be able to communicate in English.
12Do I have a say on my assignments?
You will certainly be able to talk to your career sponsor and let him/her know what your expectations are. Nevertheless, the assignments are decided based on the business needs of Jungheinrich in every country.
13Does the JIG Program offer mentors?
Yes, this graduate program allows you to have a mentor that will be a role model for you and a career coach, a facilitator and counsellor. This mentor is selected by the Human Resources department after assessing which mentor is best suited for you.
14Do we receive training during the JIG Program?
Yes, the program has several training sessions taking place in Hamburg. They focus on developing and improving your interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills. The training courses will help you to successfully fit into the Jungheinrich culture. Examples for the training topics are: Communication, Leadership, and Project Management. In addition, there are product training courses.
15What possibilities do I have after the JIG Program?
After the 2 years, you will be placed in your landing position. This position is the result of an exchange between the career sponsor, the mentor, the Human Resources department and of course, the candidate. Jungheinrich’s main goal is to find you a position that is the best fit between you and the needs of the company.